Case Study: How M10 Used Promotional Products to Enhance Engagement and Support

Written by Ollie Galpin

Explore the journey of M10, a charity on a mission to make a difference, and their strategic use of promotional products to appreciate their volunteers. This case study delves into the impactful partnership between M10 and Hotline, showcasing how the right promotional products can enhance organisational goals and build positive relationships with key stakeholders. Discover how M10’s thoughtful approach to volunteer appreciation has strengthened their community and operational effectiveness.


Empowering Youth Through Meaningful Experiences and Skill Development

M10 is a small charity based in the North East, dedicated to providing quality, engaging programs and interventions that help students develop the skills needed for the workforce and propel them toward future success. Working in some of the most disadvantaged areas in the region, M10 focuses on students who require guidance, support, inspiration, and investment to help them recognise their value and their potential contributions to society.

Founded in 2009 following a transformative trip to Mexico by CEO Stephen Riley, M10 was inspired by Riley’s vision to take students from the North East to Mexico to build houses for families living in poverty. To date, over 400 students have participated in this life-changing opportunity. The success of these trips has significantly enhanced participants’ personal statements for interviews for further education and employment.

However, it became evident that students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, needed more than just an experiential head start. In response, M10 integrated with school curriculums for careers guidance, providing quality, engaging interventions designed to develop essential skills and propel students toward future success.


Standing Out from the Crowd

M10 aims to inspire, influence, and positively impact young people by investing in their personal development, equipping them for whatever adventures they face in life. Understanding the importance of community support, M10 collaborates with an army of volunteers—businessmen and women who share the mission to inspire, influence, impact, and invest in young people across the North East.

By helping young people make connections within the community, learn from those who have overcome similar challenges, and gain real, hands-on, purposeful experiences, M10 provides unique opportunities for young people to learn and grow. This comprehensive support system ensures that students are well-prepared for their future Endeavours, contributing positively to society.


Recognising Volunteer Contributions

M10 deeply appreciates the invaluable contributions of its volunteers, who generously dedicate their time to mentoring young individuals and helping them develop crucial skills for the workforce. In gratitude, M10 often thanks these dedicated volunteers. Upon discovering the beautiful and reasonably priced products from Hotline, M10 decided that sending a small gift as a token of appreciation would be well received. Recognising that volunteer’s mentor a young person once a month, M10 chose the gift of a personalised notebooks, perfect for tracking conversations with their students each month.


Personalised Notebooks: Enhancing Volunteer Engagement

M10 sought a personalised notebook that would be both practical and visually appealing on the desks of its volunteers. Featuring M10’s logo and tagline, the notebooks serve as a professional reminder to volunteer mentors of their significant impact on real lives.

Hotline, like M10, takes a personal, bespoke approach to their customers. Upon receiving M10’s request, Hotline edited the visuals to ensure they looked professional and beautiful on the desired product. The final product was exceptional, embodying the professional quality M10 had hoped for.

The personalised notebooks from Hotline were exceptionally well-received by M10’s volunteers. The high-quality, professional appearance of the notebooks not only made the volunteers feel valued but also provided them with a practical item to enhance their mentoring sessions. This thoughtful gesture strengthened the relationship between M10 and its volunteers, fostering a greater sense of community and shared purpose.


M10 Notebook Specifications

The team at M10 selected the A7099 Full Colour Supavalue A5 Notebook for its promotional needs. This compact and budget-friendly A5 notebook is an exceptional giveaway, perfect for keeping your brand top of mind. It features 96 sheets of 60g/m2 lined paper, making it ideal for jotting down ideas or organising thoughts on the fly. The notebook’s soft-feel cardboard cover adds a touch of sophistication, while its convenient size fits easily on desks or in bags, allowing for note-taking anytime, anywhere.

Available in a wide range of colours with full-colour branding options, this notebook can perfectly match your brand’s identity. Additional features like matching coloured ribbon bookmarks and elastic closures enhance its practicality. The generous print area is perfect for showcasing your logo, ensuring your brand is prominently displayed and easily recognised by users. This notebook is excellent for event giveaways, new employee gifts, or as a thoughtful token for loyal customers, keeping your logo in constant view. It’s no wonder the team at M10 chose such a great promotional product!


Creating Meaningful Volunteer Gifts with Promotional Products

Providing meaningful appreciation gifts can have a profound impact on volunteers, making them feel valued and connected to the organisation’s mission. Practical gifts like personalised notebooks serve both as a token of appreciation and a useful tool for the volunteers’ work. This approach ensures that the gifts are not only memorable but also functional, reinforcing the volunteers’ role and the organisation’s gratitude every time they are used.


Best Practices and Promotional Products for Volunteer Appreciation

To effectively show appreciation for volunteers, organisations can consider a variety of thoughtful gifts and gestures:


Practical Items:

Items such as branded water bottles, tote bags, and notebooks are useful daily and remind volunteers of their contributions.


Personalised Gifts:

Custom-made items like monogrammed notebooks or engraved keychains show a personal touch and make volunteers feel special.


Experience-Based Gifts:

Hosting special events or providing tickets to local events can offer memorable experiences for volunteers.


Public Recognition:

Using social media shout-outs, newsletters, or recognition ceremonies to publicly acknowledge volunteers’ efforts can significantly boost morale and engagement.

Incorporating these practices helps build a culture of appreciation, ensuring that volunteers feel valued and motivated to continue their vital contributions to the organisation’s mission.


Why Choose Hotline for Your Promotional Products

Customers should choose Hotline for their promotional products because of their unmatched commitment to quality, value, and customer satisfaction. Hotline guarantees the lowest fully inclusive prices, promising to refund double the difference if you find a lower price within 30 days of purchase. They also offer a free visual artwork proof, allowing you to see your logo on any item before buying, with a fully-priced visual proof delivered within 20 minutes. Additionally, Hotline ensures guaranteed delivery dates, making sure your order arrives on time, every time, ready for your event. Their exceptional customer service team is always ready to help via Live Chat, Email, or Phone, putting customers first at all times. Rated an excellent 4.9 out of 5, Hotline is dedicated to providing an outstanding customer experience, making them the ideal choice for your promotional needs.


In Conclusion…

The partnership between M10 and Hotline exemplifies how thoughtful, personalised promotional products can effectively express gratitude and support the operational needs of an organisation. By choosing Hotline, M10 was able to provide a meaningful and practical gift to their volunteers, reinforcing their appreciation and enhancing the overall mentoring experience. This case study highlights the importance of choosing the right promotional products to achieve organisational goals and foster positive relationships with key stakeholders.

A BIG thank you, M10, for choosing Hotline for your promotional products. We are proud to support your mission of empowering youth through meaningful experiences and skill development. Your trust in our services inspires us to continue delivering excellence.

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