How to Choose Eco-Friendly Branded Items

Written by Heidi O'Neil

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When comparing branded items online, your priority is probably price. Whether you need promotional merchandise to give away at special events – or to sell online or in stores – keeping expenditure to a minimum is important.

But you’re pro-environment too. This means you’d rather buy printed items from a company whose views align with your own – instead of one interested simply in the bottom line.

The same is true of your customers, who may choose to boycott companies that place little or no value on issues like climate change or environment sustainability.

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Our printed items are environmentally friendly

At Hotline, we’re eco-focussed. This is reflected in our growing range of biodegradable, recycled, and Fairtrade products – which includes coasters, shopping bags, and sports bottles.

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How to find sustainable printed products that help the environment

So, when shopping for printed merchandise, how on earth can you tell an eco-friendly product apart from one that isn’t?

The answer is simple: look at the material the item is made from. Here are three to help you get started.

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We’d love to help you find eco-friendly branded items. There are plenty to choose from – but, to make things a little easier for you, we thought we’d provide some examples.

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Three product lines we’re proud to offer:

1. Bamboo 450 MI Tumbler. This stylish receptacle is made from stainless steel and covered in bamboo on the outside. Not only is this product eco-friendly, it keeps drinks warm for up to 4 hours and is fitted with a press-on lid and sliding cover,

2. Value Cotton Printed Tote Bags. As we touched upon earlier, recycled cotton helps cut down on waste. Which is just one more reason to buy these reusable branded bags – which are made from 100% woven cotton and ideal for promotional events.

3. Bio Thirst Grip Sports Bottle. This biodegradable bottle breaks down rapidly compared to other products and leaves not a trace of plastic behind – just natural elements that pose no environmental threat. It’s ergonomically friendly, leak-free, and there’s plenty of room to add your logo.

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We’re here to help…

Our team is standing by to tell you more about our range of eco-friendly branded items. Contact us for more information or to place an order.