Coming Out Of Lockdown – How To Thrive Using Branded Products

Written by Ollie Galpin

branded products UK

Date: April 2021 | 2 minute read

It looks like we’re on the road to recovery…

But what does this mean for your business? Right now your competitors are doing all they can to capitalise on the situation – so they can attract new customers using branded products.

Getting your branded items into more shops – or using corporate merchandise to remind customers your brand exists – are two methods you could use (we’ll return to these later).

But these two tactics alone won’t be enough. Here are five ways to make sure your business doesn’t just survive during lockdown – but thrives.

1. What are your competitors doing right now?

Don’t second guess your rivals. Take a look at their website and deep-dive into their content and offers. What do they do that you don’t (and vice versa)? Is their pricing structure more competitive?

Look them up on TrustPilot. What do their customers like and dislike about the product or service on offer? Using that information, work out how you can outmuscle them and win a bigger slice of the pie.

2. Use social media as your go-to marketing tool

The kind of customers you want to work with are online now and looking for businesses like yours. So make a list of the companies you want to target, follow them, and connect with their key decision makers. Tag them in your posts, comment on theirs, and…well, who knows where it could lead. It’s free too – so what have you got to lose?

3. Look after your customers – so they hang around

Winning new business is important. But so is customer retention. Use a mixture of online and offline tools to reinforce your brand name and remind your clients (i) what you do; and (ii) why you do it better than your competitors. That way, when the time comes, they’ll be more likely to remember (and buy) from you.

4. Use branded products to advertise your business

Another great way to remind your customers you exist is to use branded products as free advertising. Sending them a batch of water bottles might not sound like a big deal, but they’ll see your brand logo whenever they take a swig of water.

But that’s not all. Whenever a client takes their branded bottle to a meeting – or their local gym – you’ll be getting your brand logo in front of a whole new audience. Talk about free advertising!

5. Update your brand image to capture new customers

Now could be the right time to give your image a fresh lick of paint. You could use your company rebrand as a platform to target untapped markets – and remind your existing customers why you should still be their number one choice.

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