Make Branded Items Part Of Your Post-Lockdown Strategy

Written by Heidi O'Neil

Date: May 2021 | 2 minute read

Are branded items the light at the end of the tunnel?

Lockdown restrictions are gradually easing – with many of us now venturing back into the office after a long break.

Although some will welcome this change, others will feel anxious about working in a physical environment where they’ll have to interact face-to-face instead of via a video link.

We’ve been through this challenge ourselves. Until recently, our team had been replying to queries about our branded items from home via web chat and email.

Adjusting to life back in the office has been challenging for all of us, even though we love our jobs and working together.

That’s why we thought we’d share some tips we’ve learnt along the way to help you and your employees adjust.

Tip 1: Kick off their first day back with a stand-up

After a long break, your staff might feel out the loop. A stand-up is a great way to cover ground fast – updating people on new processes, appointments, and projects. But even more importantly, it’s a great icebreaker that’ll get everyone talking (and maybe raise a few smiles and laughs along the way).


Tip 2: Make them feel valued with branded products

Imagine sitting at your desk on your first day back. Although glad to be there, you’ve lost your mojo and struggle to get into the swing of things. Then you spot the printed mug with your name on – and you smile, because you feel part of something again.

Welcoming your teams back with a personalised gift could help them readjust and refocus at what’s bound to be a challenging time. And the exercise needn’t be expensive either.

Tip 3: Explain the rules – so everyone feels safe

Employees will feel anxious about returning to the office. Not just because of the change to their routine – but because they’re worried about the health risks. Explaining where hand sanitisers are located, how often rooms are cleaned, and when/whether facemasks should be worn will reassure them.

Tip 4: Keep the dress code relaxed to begin with

Your teams are used to working in casual attire (like jeans, sweaters, and even their pyjamas). Ease them back into their routine by keeping the dress code informal – making the office a little less intimidating and a bit more like home.

Tip 5. Don’t forget about those still working from home

Not everyone will be returning to the office. Some won’t be able to for medical reasons. Others might be working a split shift. So include these people in your stand-ups and send them branded items too. That way, they can share and compare their printed mugs with co-workers and will still feel like a part of the team.

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