Not sure where to begin when Face Masks are concerned?

Written by Heidi O'Neil

In an attempt to #StopTheSpread the Government confirmed that from Friday 24th July face masks or face coverings will be compulsory in all shops in the UK.  They have also specified that any shoppers caught ‘flouting’ the rules will face a fine of up to £100 -eek!  With this in mind, most families, businesses and individuals will need to get themselves a face mask so that normal life can resume.   Here at we provide a wide range of affordable face masks that can be worn on a daily or singular basis. Why not check out our specialised selection here?

The funny thing is, as a nation, face masks have never really featured in our life style and hence we are not used to it.  Yes, some people wear them in the big Cities but overall, it has been something quite alien to us.  I think it’s safe to say that now they will become the norm and will be an integral part of everyone’s wardrobe – who knows what weird and wacky designs will emerge!

So, let’s look at this situation in a positive light…

Now is a great time to use face masks to help re-boot your brand awareness campaign and remind people of your business and what you do.  It’s a great opportunity to put your brand in the face of potential customers and your competition (literally). Think of all those people you will be able to reach out to because let’s face it… when you talk to someone you very rarely NOT look at their face. #EffortlessAdvertising. The question is ‘which face mask should I invest in?’   Hang in there and keep reading and we can help you with that decision.

Reusable vs Disposable?

Both types of face coverings have their pros and cons.  Most people tend to opt for the reusable option because it’s more cost effective and practical.  It is also seen as the more ‘green alternative’ because they are not thrown away but used over and over again.  Also, it means we are not adding to the planet’s heartbreaking problem of overwhelming rubbish and refuge.  The great thing about this type of mask is that you can wear it each day and then just pop it in the washing machine ready to be used again when required – Simples!

Our best-selling reusable face mask is the 5 Day Full Colour Reusable Face MaskThis particular mask can be delivered and printed within 5 days (hence the name) which is pretty quick within the industry and its lead times.  Its large print area means that you can really go to town with your design and get people interested and talking about your brand.  This protective face mask is made of three layers.  The first two layers are 95% cotton and 5% spandex and the final layer is 93% polyester and 7% spandex.  It will keep you protected and stop you from touching your face and mouth when you have touched unsanitised surfaces.

Single use face masks have their advantages too!

This type of mask is great to have as a backup at any business premises.  By this I mean just in case one of your customers or employees come into your establishment having forgotten to bring one with them #Awkward. They can be given out hassle free and then thrown away at the end of the day.  They are convenient but just as effective. Check out our disposable Protective Face masks. These CE-certified masks are supplied in boxes of 50 and can be delivered between 2-3 days. They consist of three layers of protection and are worn with soft yet strong ear elastic that ensures comfort.   They really are straightforward, uncomplicated and they do what it says on the tin!  The only downside is there is no personalisation option on this product.

What about Ear Savers?

There has been a lot said in the media about the effect of wearing PPE and struggling with sore ears.  There is one solution… Ear Savers.  A great innovative invention which will make sure that the mask is comfortably secured to your face and no extra pressure is applied to your ears.   You choose the fit, so it’s comfortable throughout the day.  Also, let’s not forget that you can print you company name on them for all to see, so again creating the perfect brand awareness opportunity. There are three colours to choose from (white, blue or black) and they can be delivered within 5-7 days.

What happens if you don’t like face masks?

Let’s be honest face masks are not everyone’s cup of tea! If you are not okay with the two options above you could always opt for a Printed Preventative Face Scarf.  These are more for preventative hygiene as they do not protect against germs, dust or infectious diseases … they just stop you touching your mouth with potentially dirty hands that have touched unclean surfaces.  They look pretty awesome when printed with a logo or a slogan and are really easy to use.  Harry and Megan have been wearing them around LA recently! (Wow… they must be trendy!)  This preventative scarf is made from stretchy T-shirt-like material which is very comfortable to wear and provides a snug fit.  They are also machine washable and suitable for both men and women.

I hope this has helped to highlight the different options available.  If you need any extra help or advice please get in contact with us at Hotline as we would love to have a chat and talk you through anything you are unsure of.   As the Americans would say “Happy Shopping!”