The Summer of Staycations!

Written by Heidi O'Neil

With most people choosing to stay in the UK this year, taking a Staycation is growing in popularity!

Given recent government advice about going on holiday, overseas travel may not be a sure thing this summer. Most people won’t be jetting around the world as they normally would.  The new quarantine laws – and unfamiliar way of travelling  – suggest the experience is going to be different in the future. That’s why so many people are thinking about taking a staycation instead.

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People are starting looking forward to life after lockdown and planning staycations in good ol’ Blighty?! Britain is blessed with beautiful coastlines, stunning rural regions and epic cities – and, with this awesome weather, it feels as though we are abroad anyway!

With more  people staying in the UK this year, this will hopefully boost the British economy. Over the past fortnight, Air B&B’s, caravan sites, holiday homes and hotels have experienced a huge surge in bookings. So, maybe this is the time to really ‘show your stuff’ and stand out – in the hope people will return year after year. 

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What can I do to create a better staycation experience?

 It’s the little details that make a difference to a customer’s experience.  Everyone likes to feel special and that they are getting value for money for their hard-earned cash. Leaving the right impression is paramount for future business.

One way the hospitality industry can do this is to leave branded items for its customers.  They can be taken home after the visit and kept as a reminder or keepsake of their staycation. Branded items are an effective visual reminder of your company after the event has passed.

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The ‘write’ way to make a good impression!

Mood Soft Feel Ballpen is a perfect example. Left casually on the desk in the living area accompanied by a branded A5 Desk Pad.  How many times have you needed to write down a telephone number or an address and not been able to find a pen or some paper? Here it is, all ready for your customer – hassle free! This particular pen is a favourite amongst our hospitality clients, as it offers a smooth flowing writing experience and looks professional.

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Singing in the rain…

Another useful item to leave for your customers (especially with typical British weather) is a Branded Umbrella.  An item I ALWAYS forget – whether I’m on holiday or not. Your customers will be grateful and have a lifelong reminder of your company.  Not to mention free advertising for your B&B every time the umbrella is used.  Our best-selling golf umbrella is a great size for all the family to huddle under and hugely popular amongst our customers. Check out our full range of umbrellas here.

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Why not treat your clients to something a bit different?

On the flip side, you could treat your valued business partners to something they can USE on their staycations.  A branded gift is always welcomed, especially if it is something useful.   Take a look at the fantastic Jelly Fish Charging Cable.  You can print your company logo boldly (in full colour) at the top of the charger for all to see. Your client will then be able to charge a range of devices and be able to transfer data between their devices and computer. A really useful thing to keep in your bag, car or desk draw.

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Have you thought about these…?

Printed Power bank Chargers are another great option to send valued clients as a business gift. Especially if they are embarking on a long car journey. These promotional items have grown in popularity.  They are appreciated at times of dismay when the battery on your device  dies and you need to access an important telephone number. Or when you are travelling and your child’s iPad dies and they start arguing with their siblings!  Simply connect up your phone or tablet and off you go – peace resumes, phew!

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Don’t forget to keep hydrated.

With all this beautiful hot weather, it is hard not to mention the most obvious promotional gift during these summer months… Metal Sports Bottles.  It seems water bottles have become a fashion accessory now. But, during these sweltering days, they are certainly a necessity on long car journeys.  Check out the Mood Vacuum Insulated Bottle. These bottles are made from high-quality stainless steel and will keep your drink ice cool for up to 24 hours or piping hot for 12 hours. 

We love this bottle, because it boasts a large print area for your logo or message and features an airtight, leak proof and screw top lid.   These types of giveaways are always appreciated and used over and over again – not just for taking a  staycation but any long journey.

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So, there you have it – a couple of ideas for when the holiday industry starts to open up its doors and taking a staycation becomes the new norm!