Quick branded merchandise ‘Go to Guide’ for Protests and Rallies

Written by Heidi O'Neil

The past week has demonstrated that peaceful protesting is certainly the way forward to get an important message across. The tragic death of George Floyd has fuelled anger and understandable frustration. People have decided to stand (or kneel) to show their support in their masses through solidarity protests around the world. So how does branded merchandise fit into this narrative?

It is a fact that branded merchandise can make a HUGE difference where events and awareness are concerned. They are an extremely powerful marketing tool if you want to get your message across effectively and reach out to as many people as possible. Promotional products motivate people to take action and can amplify attendee’s excitement and enthusiasm for the cause. For example, everyone wearing uniform neon coloured T-shirts printed on the front with your slogan will instantly draw much needed attention to your cause.

Major events can evolve quickly especially if they are as a result of situation that has happened. Therefore it’s important that you know what you want instantly and how to get it delivered FAST. This quick ‘Go to Guide’ will highlight three successful products which are perfect for raising awareness at this type of event…

Branded Merchandise Ideas

#1 Printed T-Shirts

promotional merchandise

The most obvious and popular choice: printed coloured T-shirts. A great way to make a visual statement instantly. Studies have shown that people need to see a brand’s message or slogan seven times to remember it. So, it is no surprise that with hundreds of people wearing the same shirt with the same message, the impact can be colossal. The great thing about T shirts is that they come in an array of vibrant colours. They’re available in sizes Small to 5XL and you can take the reins and design what you want. Don’t be put off though if you’re a bit of a technophobe, we are always on hand to help out!

promo merchandiseLow-cost promotional T-shirts can be accessed by most people’s budgets. Priced as low as £1.96 they are manufactured in over 20 different colours. Just imagine a sea of people all in the same colour, making a stand about something they believe in. Wow, now that’s an IMPACT!

printed merchandise



#2 Hand Clappers

personalised merchandise

Here at Hotline, we LOVE these ultra-loud hand clappers. This is promotional merchandise designed for any kind of outdoor awareness event but let’s face it – if you make noise, people will take notice! All you need to do is hold the handle and wave erratically! They are available in four different colours and can be printed with any message. Sometimes, it’s nice to think outside the box and do something  different – and these nifty but noisy products certainly fit the bill. Coupled with a chant of some description, people will find it hard to ignore your message.

merchandise ideas



#3 Printed Flags

promo items

Let’s not shy away from the good old days… printed flags were always mega-effective and let’s face it they still are today. They are firmly at the top of Hotline’s list as one of our most popular branded merchandise products of all time. People LOVE to wave a flag. They instantly lift spirits and give a sense solidarity within group. Hand waving flags are a low cost/big impact product, ideal for all open-air events. Flags boast a huge full colour branding area and can be printed with anything you like. They are also child safe with their unbreakable plastic or compressed paper stick. The other great advantage of flags is that they can be printed both sides for double impact.

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So, there you have it, our quick ‘Go to guide for branded merchandise’ to make your rally, protest or event the BEST it can be. Remember there are no hidden extras with all our products, what you see is what you get. We offer fast and free online proofs and a 30-day money back guarantee. It’s time to make a stand!