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Branded products to keep staff safe when returning to work…

Written by Heidi O'Neil

Back to Work… Which branded promotional products will help you and your staff stay safe?

It feels as though twelve long weeks of lockdown are finally coming to an end and the nation is slowly but surely having some normality back in their lives. Going back to work certainly won’t be the same as it used to be, but we all understand we have to #staysafe and follow Government guidelines in order to defeat COVID-19. 

Preparing for your business premises to re-open and welcome back staff after the lockdown period needs a bit of thought in the initial stages. We’ve put together some suggestions to make the transition more fluid for both employers and employees and to help people feel more at ease with the new work place antics.

The government have issued a range of official guidelines advising us on how to work safety during the Corona Virus pandemic. Here at Hotline, we have tried to think outside the box. We all know that social distancing stickers and reminder signs are paramount in the workplace alongside the use of face masks and anti-bacterial gel, but there are a few simple, cost effective things that you can do which will make a HUGE difference. Dramatically reducing the threat of cross-contamination amongst staff will give you the confidence that you are keeping everyone safe in the work place, including your families at home.

Keep your food apart with printed cool bags…

Long gone are the days when you just threw your lunch in the staff fridge at 9am ready for later. Nowadays, people will think twice about putting their lunch amongst other people’s things in a confined space because everyone is very aware that everything and anything can carry or spread germs. A really easy way to combat this problem this is to supply your team with a branded cooler bag, so their lunch can be kept safe and protected throughout the day. No contamination – no problem!

Our best-selling budget cooler bag is the Lapua Non-Woven Cooler Bag. What we particularly like about this bag is that it looks good and it folds over for easy storage – which is a  real benefit when everyone else needs to put their lunch box in the fridge. This cooler bag has a handy clear ID window, so you won’t get yours mixed up with anyone else’s. The Lupua also boasts a hook and loop closure and can be screen printed with your company logo.

If this cooler bag doesn’t tickle your taste buds then the Stockholm Foldable Cooler Bag just might! This is a great choice amongst employees as it has a secure zipper main compartment with an additional zipper front, which can store those ‘easy to reach snacks’ when hunger strikes. We also love the adjustable shoulder strap which means you don’t have to physically carry it around with you. Ideal when you are juggling your laptop, folders, phone and car keys. Click here to see our prices.

Drinking the pure way…

One product we CAN’T WAIT to tell you about is the Americano Pure coffee cup. Here at Hotline, we can’t shout loud enough about these awesome antimicrobial mugs! With the UK consuming up to 95 million cups of coffee a day, we all need to make sure that the container that we are drinking from is safe and clean. This particular mug contains bio-master antimicrobial technology which basically means it provides protection against the growth of harmful micro-organisms and bacteria by 99.95%.  IMPRESSIVE! The other great advantage is that this 350ml mug is manufactured in the UK and is fully recyclable at the end of its life. There is not a safer mug on the market.

Practical and stylus…

Finally, our MUST HAVE product in any shop, home or office in these unprecedented times – the celebrated stylus pen. This innovative invention has become fashionable over the past couple of years but has now experienced a real boom in popularity amongst our customers since COVID-19. The super soft tip enables you to use your phone or tablet without having to come into contact with any surfaces that might harbour germs.  It’s a practical promotional product that is the perfect giveaway in these strange times, not to mention the fact it’s light weight and easy to mail. We have a great range of stylus pens to choose from here.  We love to recommend the Curvy Stylus Ballpen to all our customers as it combines our best-selling ball pen with the stylus adaption.

We wish everyone the best of luck with the imminent return to work and let’s hope thing return back to normal asap!