4 MUST HAVE Promo Items to help Pubs reopening on 4th July!

Written by Heidi O'Neil

With Pubs and bars on track to open their doors on the 4th July, now is the time to plan ahead and make sure your establishment is ‘Covid secure’ for your customers and staff. It’s funny to think that once upon a time people socialised normally; hugging friends, weaving in and out of crowds and feeling totally victorious after securing a table on a Saturday night! I think it’s safe to say times have changed and whether we will ever go back to normal is unknown. But, if you own a pub, promo items could give your business that much-needed extra edge.

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Let’s not dwell on the past – let’s look to the future in a POSITIVE way.  The start of the summer is finally upon us and the temperatures are set to soar.  This can only mean one thing; people will want to embrace the British summer vibes and catch up with friends and family in a social environment.  Now is the time to bite the bullet and prepare for this awakening. 

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Here at Hotline we are not so good at advising on the re-design of your outdoor space but we are really great at helping to make social distancing easier using promotional products.  We understand the difficulties the government restrictions pose in the hospitality industry, but we can help you to get your outdoor space ready.  Helpful signage, big banners and printed bunting are just to name a few along with the obvious items such as reusable facemasks, hand sanitisers and giant floor stickers All printed with your company logo and message. 

So, let’s not waste any more time. Let’s do this by looking at ways you can stay safe using promo items…!

Promo item ideas you can start using right away

Wave a (Feather) flag for Social Distancing!

Feather Flags have had a boom in popularity over the past few years.  They are a really great way to promote your social distancing message.  These unique flags are normally seen at large events, surf competitions, outside shops, music festivals, clubs and on company premises.   They are a perfect way to remind people to stay their distance in a cool, quirky and friendly way. Perfect for a pub setting! Not only do they look professional, they are quick and easy to assemble, which is music to most people’s ears. The price includes a sturdy parasol base and a tidy carry case for transportation and storage. 

printed promotional products

KeepSafe Change Tray – What a great promo item to have!

Before COVID-19 existed, handing change to a customer was never a problem.  Pre-lockdown we were all aware that money harboured germs but it was no great issue. With the coronavirus inflicting our daily lives, we all need to do those extra little things to help #stopthespread.  Using a Keep Safe Change Tray can minimise the cross contamination between two people.  It’s a simple thing bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes can do to help their staff and customers stay safe.  These cost-effective trays are available in a range of colours and are made from 100% recycled plastic, which also helps your establishment to do their bit for the environment.

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Printed Bunting for all to see.

Here at Hotline, we LOVE a bit of printed bunting. Bunting has changed and improved so much over the years and it certainly lives up to its fierce reputation of being a really smart way to promote your business or message.  Printed A4 bunting is a great option for pubs and bars, it can shout your message loud and clear without being too intrusive or in your face. Bunting nowadays is made from super durable gloss paper which is waterproof and can be used to brighten up space both inside and out.  It can also be printed on both sides for maximum exposure on the customer. The person standing at the bar will not be able to forget their 2-metre distance even after a couple of beers! Make sure you also check out our smaller A5 bunting for more promo items ideas.

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Finally, you can’t possibly talk about a pub garden without mentioning a printed parasol. Not exactly COVID related I know, but let’s face it we NEED a break away from the virus.  After twelve long weeks of being abandoned, maybe your outdoor attire is needing some attention? Why not invest in some new umbrellas to really spruce up your outdoor area and welcome customers back.  We can mix and match the panels to suit your brand colours and our complete print coverage guarantees maximum impact for your pub or restaurant name.  These particular parasols are perfect for the hospitality industry as they are reliable and sturdy.

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So, let’s just end on that particular note… a refreshing glass of wine in a sunny pub garden under a parasol on the 4th July – At last things are looking up!