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A helpful product guide for any trade show or exhibition…

Written by Ollie Galpin

The New Year brings a great opportunity to jump start your business promotions. If you are thinking about hosting a stall at the next trade show or exhibition then investing in promotional giveaways is a wise decision.   Promotional products at this type of event can allow face to face interaction and hand you the opportunity to build strong relationships with customers, both existing and prospects.  Not only do they open dialogue, they are also a great way to drive brand awareness beyond the day of the event.  The long term benefits of using promotional products certainly outweigh the negatives: they stay in homes, offices and cars for long periods of time, they reach out to a variety of demographic groups and they can even create double exposure if they are passed on between customers.

Having the right promotional merchandise can make all the difference between a neglected stand and a busy one! With so many great products to choose from, the thought of picking out a select few can be overwhelming.  Never fear, we are here to help!  Check out our 2017 top trade show ‘must haves’ and brand your logo loud and clear for all to see…

#1 Embroidered Premium Long Sleeved Shirt (Professional and approachable)

First impressions are crucial, so if you are serious about making a long lasting impression then you need to dress for success!  Not only will you look professional and approachable at the event, you will instantly create team spirit and unity amongst your team members, which in turn will shine through to your potential customers who are interested in your product/service.

This classic oxford style shirt is the perfect pick.  Smart, professional and dependable. This premium long sleeved shirt features a smart button-down collar and mitred chest pocket and cuffs. The fact that it is part of the renowned Fruit of the Loom brand means its quality is unquestionable.  To add to all these advantages it has a generous embroidery area which will make any logo or message stand out.  It is the perfect opportunity to show case your business at such a buzzing event!  Let’s face it, you are achieving unlimited brand exposure and obtaining mass outreach at an affordable cost! It’s also available in Lady Fit Sizes

#2 XL Non-Woven Trade Show Bags (Our most popular)

Next on the agenda is Hotline’s Number 1 Exhibition bag… A tried and tested way to drive business!  It’s a known fact that a free giveaway always opens up dialogue and with attendees always being overloaded with literature, a printed bag is a great promotional product to have on your side!  Not only will the bag be used at the event, it will make its way back to your customer’s house and be a continual reminder of your product/service for months to come.

The Non-Woven Trade Show Bag is a great choice. It is available in a variety of vibrant colours to help you stand out in the crowd and compliment your corporate colours, which is perfect for an event such as this.  This particular bag has a generous print area which means your contact details will not go unnoticed.  Let your customers carry your promotional message for you and you can concentrate on selling to your customers.

#3 Full Colour Dye Sub Lanyard (Latest edition)

Printed lanyards are the stable diet of any successful promotional campaign.  They are used by most industries and are hugely popular at big events, trade shows and exhibitions, in the workplace, at concerts and festivals and practically anywhere where people need to be identified.  Lanyards are such a simple yet effective way to advertise your business and spread brand awareness… not to mention they are useful, so they promote constant usage over time.  Another major factor is that if you are wearing a personalised lanyard at a trade show you become easily identifiable – making you more approachable, plus you can use it to hold your show pass!

The Full Colour Dye Sub Lanyards are the latest addition to our printed lanyard range and are certainly a conversation starter.  They are designed to give you maximum exposure for your logo as both sides are printed in full colour and are manufactured from ultra-smooth polyester. They also include a FREE safety break and metal trigger clip fitting.

#4 Promotional Trolley Coins (A firm favourite!)

Here at Hotline, we LOVE the Promotional Trolley Coin!  It’s small, robust, practical and everyone that receives one is guaranteed to use it over and over again!  Let’s face it… who wouldn’t want one? Use them at your local gym, at the super market or anywhere that needs a pound coin (they won’t work in a ticket machine in a car park though – we’ve tried!)  They are totally cost effective and have a higher perceived value as they are stamped with your logo for a lasting impression.  You will be surprised how affordable they are! 

This particular trolley coin boasts a 20.5mm diameter print area which with the help of our experts can include your logo and contact details.  A great way to give a token of thanks to your customers.

#5 Advertising Logobugs (Friendly, furry and fun!)

If you are looking to add some fun to your next promotional stand or stall then these quirky little rascals are perfect for your event!  These adorable characters will literally stick around for ages with your logo in tow!  Superb message carriers, they can be attached to any surface and your message can be printed loud and clear on the ribbon in FULL COLOUR for no extra charge!  They also come in a huge range of energetic colours to really hammer home your message and catch people’s eye!  I can guarantee people will be coming to your stall asking to have one!  Advertising Logobugs are great value for money and are an all-time classic promotional fun product!  Who can resist their adorable feet and doe-eyed expression!? Why not fill a glass vase full of these little branded rascals, it will attract attention to your stand, that’s for sure!

So there you have it… a few successful trade show promotional products which will create a buzz at your next event!