Relying on expertise and a ‘can-do’ approach – A guest testimonial blog from one of our customers ‘Liven creative’.

Written by Ollie Galpin

Liven Creative is a integrated creative agency based in Send, providing branding, printed communications and digital experiences for some amazing clients throughout the UK. We’re a fast-growing business with a fast-growing reputation, and we owe some of our success to the equally amazing partners and suppliers we rely on for the aspects of our projects that we outsource.

Hotline provides excellent promotional products and branded clothing services, and we’ve used them on several occasions. They’re experts with large and complex print requirements, provide an impressive range of promotional products, and their skills and collaborative approaches often tie in perfectly with the multi-faceted campaigns we design and create for our clients.

They’re a busy and highly experienced outfit, and they get even busier when we approach them with a big ask and a tight deadline for printing and distributing our clients’ promotional items. It’s happened quite a few times over the years, and they’ve always been refreshingly responsive. Like us, they’re always looking at ways to say ‘yes, we can do that’. 


Hotline goes that little bit further than others, though. At Liven Creative, we like to set ourselves challenges, and do that little bit more to help our clients stand out from their competitors. So when we’ve developed some creative ideas for a print campaign, we’ll often ask the team at Hotline for their angle on things. We like to discuss ideas with them, and they make sure our more imaginative and standout projects can achieve success on our clients’ behalf, while remaining commercially viable. We like to ‘push the envelope’ with print communications and Hotline are always forthcoming with practical guidance and suggestions. They’re not afraid to give us their perspective, and that’s why we work with them time and time again.

Hotline also understands how we sometimes set ourselves ridiculous deadlines, and have to stick to them so we don’t disappoint our clients but they always do everything they can to help us keep our promises – and that means a lot.


Liven Creative loves working with all aspects of print. We’ve a long history of excellence in printed communications, and we’re the first point of contact for a wide range of clients and their varied print requirements. We help them look stunning and attract business.

We also provide a range of powerful branding services and consumer-friendly digital experiences. Find out more at