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Bag yourself some brand exposure

Written by Ollie Galpin

If you want to get a real handle on your chosen market then printed promotional bags are the go-to products for you. With so many different options to choose from, you can literally take your pick and create a customised bag that will create a HUGE impact on your chosen audience.  Choose from traditional plastic bags, on-trend paper bags, stylish cotton totes, handsome woven creations and of course, our most popular: Eco bags.  Print your logo loud and clear for everyone to see and you’ll be amazed at the awareness it can raise!  You will start successfully promoting your company immediately to large and diverse audiences with minimum fuss. There really is a bag for every event and occasion and with so many styles, shapes and sizes available, it’s hard not to get carried away in all the excitement! (Excuse the pun!)

I think it is fair to say that over the past year the introduction of the 5p bag tax has fuelled the promotional bag boom! People are now on the lookout for more cost effective ways to avoid the tedious chore of paying out endlessly on plastic carrier bags which is why the reusable bag is now in more demand than ever. However, the classic traditional carrier bag is not giving up that easily and still ranks high as one of the most popular bags to pick when promoting your brand or message.  

At Hotline we are confident in saying we offer an option for every budget and we are here to help with any questions you may have about our promotional bags. So let me whet your appetite with a few of our most popular branded bags this year…

Bag #1 – Bio Carrier Bag [Old faithful]


First up on the Hotline hit list is the classic ‘Bio Promotional Carrier Bag’. With the solid reputation as one of our best sellers here at Hotline, you will not be disappointed and you can really make a positive impact with these grab bags. These superb quality biodegradable plastic bags remove that guilty feeling and replaces it with a HUGE thumbs up to the environment!

The great thing about this bag is that it is available in a range of 24 vibrant colours so you can tailor your bag to your brand and design. These bags not only talk the talk, they walk the talk too with their reinforced handles for extra strength and the option to print on both sides for maximum brand exposure!

Bag #2 – 5oz Cotton Tote Bag [Our most popular]


If you are looking for something a little more robust then look no further than #2 on the hit list. Wow your customers with these practical Cotton Printed Tote bags. With the green revolution in full swing, these printed bags speak volumes about your brand and they look pretty darn good too!

Made from 5oz 100% woven cotton, not only are they reliable but they also have a superb print area so you can really go to town with your design. Maybe you could fill them with other printed promotional giveaways and instantly create that feel good factor around your brand. This is the reason this bag is by far the most popular bag for trade shows and exhibitions: it’s durable, low cost and looks great. So popular in fact that this bag featured in our ‘Most powerful promotional products (ever!)’ feature!

Bag #3 – Natural Jute [Cool, stylish & heavy duty]


Number three and four on the Hotline hit list are polar opposites but BOTH offer exceptional value for money and durability. If you want to offer your customers something a little different then why not check out the ‘Natural Jute Shopper’. A slightly different feel with its unique landscape appearance, this bag is certainly something to shout about! Fill it with groceries, books, paperwork, promo giveaways… anything really and it will uphold its strength and never let you down. You only have to see its rope handles, gusset, laminated backing and jute trim to realise this bag is top of its game. It’s the heavy weight champion in its category!

Bag #4 – Folding Shopper [Our top pick]


On the flip side, the ‘Folding Shopper’ is not for the faint hearted! Lightweight but most definitely mighty! These decent sized bags are cleverly folded into a pouch in the corner of the bag which then seals with a pull string.  They easily slip inside a pocket, a handbag, a suitcase or a holdall and you will never have to pay that 5p charge again. HURRAH! Let’s face it, we live in a world where time, space and value for money are precious commodities so these bags are a must! These genius bags also come in a range of bright colours.


So there you have it… promotional bags are the key to creating a colossal IMPACT with your brand.  It’s time to boost your brand!