Why is the Mop Head stylus pen so freaking popular?

Written by Ollie Galpin

On first impression, the (now legendary) Mop Head stylus pen may just look like a novelty item. So we wouldn’t blame you for asking why the heck we’ve been selling so many over the last few months! In fact, we regularly get asked why it’s one of our top-sellers so we thought it was about time we broke down the endless benefits of the deceptively childish Mop Head pen (endless meaning 5). And remember, like nearly all of our products, the Mop Head stylus pen has loads of room for your logo and a choice of bold primary colours – our favourite being black, as it goes with almost any brand colour.


Clean your devices screen

Those crazy and highly ‘strokeable’ haircuts aren’t just for good looks. They’re actually anti-statically charged, so if your devices screen is looking a little on the dusty side, flip Mop Head and he’ll be happy to help make your screen gleam again with just a simple rub. We just wouldn’t recommend using him for cleaning your 72″ LCD in the lounge unless you’re really looking to kill some time!


Use it as a digital stylus

This is a huge benefit, especially now nearly everyone we know has a smart phone of some kind. How does it work? Don’t ask us, it’s a clever rubber-like material that surrounds the nib, that’s all we know. But the smart guys who developed it have said that you will be able to use your device more precisely with Mop Head stylus.


Use it as a… pen

We know, it sounds crazy, but Mop Head is a great pen too. Seemingly bottomless supply of dark black ink, super crisp lines and a medium/fine nib. You know the score, we only sell things that do their core jobs well!


Enjoy its curves

The actual shape and texture of the Mop Head pen is surprisingly ergonomic. It’s grippy enough without being sticky, and smooth enough that you might spend a little longer than appropriate caressing its lovely curvy shape. But hey, what you do in your spare time is none of our business!


Clip it to stuff

You might say a pen clip is nothing to get excited about but being promotional geeks we would beg to differ! The Mop Head stylus pen has a plastic clip so it doesn’t distort like a metal one, it’s pretty flexible but the thing we like the most is the tie-print pattern bringing Mop Heads seemingly reckless look back into the corporate real-world.

Are you ready to experience the next generation of multi-function pen emblazoned with your logo and laden to the hilt with features you never thought possible?

Thanks to Hotline, the future’s already here.