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Written by Alan Buchanan
N E W  P R O D U C T  P R O M O T I O N

Why choose Vinyl stickers over Paper?

Paper and Vinyl stickers are just different. We’re not saying one is better than the other, they just have different uses. Paper stickers are great for dry things, like doors and stationary. They can also be laminated, which looks great but can cost a fair bit extra as it’s a separate process. Either way, paper is good for a broader range of specialist print finishes.

Generally, you don’t want to get a paper sticker wet as it will bleed or peel. That’s the main difference with Vinyl stickers, they’re made with material that is used outside, for signs and displays so a good overall level of water-resistance comes as standard. There are also differences in the way Vinyl stickers are printed which make them slightly flexible, weather-proof and still full-colour.


Our new stickers are made with the best vinyl there is…

Vinyl Sticker Co

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We print them using ECO Solvent Inks in full colour

ECO Solvent Inks are awesome. They dry really quickly so we can pack your order as soon as it comes off the machine, but by the time they get to you, they’ll be fully dry and ready to use. In terms of finish, they tend to give a very slightly raised semi gloss effect which looks lovely, but be careful not to stretch the sticker to far as it will reduce the brightness of the print.

The ink is UV resistant so the colour should stay intact throughout the stickers life. You can also get the finished sticker wet but we wouldn’t recommend using it for underwater applications!

Sticker Image


They come in 3 sensible shapes

We opted for three simple shapes to make the buying process easier and have chosen sizes that are large enough to make an impact, but small enough to be useful. Once you’ve chosen a shape, just call or order online – we’ll do your art-working free of charge, simply send us your logo and tell us what you’d like.

And remember to send us some photos of your stickers in use, we’ve got more new product ideas in the pipeline!


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