5 terrible USB stick ideas

Written by Ollie Galpin

A quick introduction

We love USB sticks, they’re a great gift, amazing for conferences and of course, really useful for general storage. However, there are some definite no-no’s when it comes to the subject of ‘USB’ so we’ve put together a little list of our findings – useless? maybe. Entertaining? we’ll let you decide…



Yes the idea sucks, but It’ll scare your colleagues!


Lesson: This is not a meaningful present.

Lesson: USB Ports that are full of cake suck.



Delicacy of the future? Or is it a sign that your local take-out are shifting bootlegged films on the side?
We dug deep for this ok.


Don’t kiss the stick. Never, ever kiss the stick.

Especially with this look in your eye.


This USB stick is just defeating the point.

All a bit confusing?


Get the message out.

Plain & Simple.