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Written by Ollie Galpin

Promotional TShirt Printing by Hotline

The Glow Fitness record attempt…

When Lindsey from GLOW Fitness gave us a call and explained that she was about to try and break the world record (yep, the WORLD) with the largest high-intensity workout ever organised we knew that we had to deliver a product that was both high-quality (durable, for all those dancers of course) but economically viable too.

Lindsey’s Testimonial…

“What a spectacular event. In my 20 years as an instructor this was the biggest and most spectacular event I’ve organised, and how fabulous did we all look in our fantastic celebration t-shirts? I cannot thank  HOTLINE enough for the great customer service and getting the order of 330 fabulous t-shirts out to us in just seven days. The t-shirts were of great quality, everyone loved them and they made us feel part of something very, very special – which of course we all were. We’ll definitely use HOTLINE again for more promotional materials. Thank you.”

Lindsey is very pleased and proud to announce that she and her members did indeed achieve the award for the Guinness Book of Records ‘Largest High Intensity Interval Training Class’.

Shot of the whole Glow team breaking the record

So what does quality and economy look like?

Lindsey wanted 330 t-shirts for the day and we knew they needed to stand up to a lot of sweaty activity! Glow is also a nationwide brand and something that its customers are proud to be a part of, so selecting a t-shirt that could be kept and worn again (with plenty of pride) was also a must. Lots of sweat and probably a fair few washes meant that we decided to opt for screen-printing. We could have digitally printed the t-shirts but Lindsey only wanted a 1 colour print white-on-orange, plus screen print is always the boldest and most durable method of printing on t-shirts. If the t-shirts were printed in full colour or they needed a shorter run then a digital print would have been perfect.

“We’re used to doing promotional printing at a large scale but the key is to listen to our clients, understand their needs and find the right quality product for the task. Often, the toughest part of buying a branded promotional item is the huge amount of choice, so the team at Hotline spend a lot of time weighing up options for clients with specific needs and budgets” – Ollie, Hotline’s Sales & Marketing Director

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