5 promotional pen ideas to suit your industry

Written by Alan Buchanan

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll be fully aware of the powers of promotional products (if not, read our blog on how to expand your brand). Here at Hotline, we offer our clients an array of products which might even leave you spoilt for choice. So, let us lend you a hand – why not start with a pen? A pen is a ubiquitous and essential part of daily life that will see your brand pop up in a customer’s mind each time he or she jots down a single word. Hotline’s excellent range of quality pens will allow you to represent your brand exactly as you want it to be. For a bit more inspiration, here are our top five promotional pens, with some tips on how they could successfully represent your business:

Piccolo Metal Pen

Great for: Small businesses who want to make a big impression

With its smooth metallic body, polished finish and free presentation tube, the Piccolo offers the executive look without the price tag. It is a great pen for a small businesses looking to leave a professional and lasting impression on their customers.


Booster Promotional Pens

Great for: Charities and fundraisers

Sleek and stylish with modern side vents colour-coded to your logo, these low cost pens offer a simple and cost-efficient way to promote your awareness campaign, fund raiser or charity.

Impact Full Colour Pens

Great for: Personal occasions and media companies

This pen can bear your personalised logo, message or design in full colour, and its quality will ensure that it is a pen worth keeping. A low minimum order quantity and fantastic range of colours mean that this pen would be the perfect choice for an upcoming one-off occasion, whether that be personal or professional.

Parker Vector Rollerball

Great for: Large businesses and formal/high-end companies

Sitting in the upper echelons of the pen world, these pens have the trusted Parker quality and style. With its prestigious reputation and refined finish, the Parker Vector will represent your brand as professional, respected and of the finest integrity. This pen is a must-buy for larger businesses on the lookout for a touch of class.

School_PenFashion Duo Pens

Great for: Educational companies, schools and designers

A recent innovation saw us upgrade our best-selling ballpoint fashion pen by adding a convenient highlighter to create every student’s essential. With a smooth feel and black ink refill, this is the pen for the education sector where students will not leave the house without your brand on their person.

At Hotline, we offer our customers such a wide range of designs, colours and styles because we know how crucial it is for you to add the personal flavour of your brand to your pens.

Underlying all of our products is their quality, value for money and effectiveness, which has seen over 20,000 organisations trust us with their brand in the past 20 years. If you’d like to order some pens for your business, or just chat through your requirements, contact us today.