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Promotional Products by post – the future… for now!

Written by Chris Lowe

It’s a brave new world that we’re all heading into; changes are afoot everywhere you look. We’re all seeking to get back up and running and assume a “new normal” as the popular phrase goes! While all the changes caused by this pandemic have presented many challenges to overcome, it has also provided many with new opportunities.

We are all used to giving a good old handshake when talking to colleagues, clients and prospects alike. But while this sort of physical contact is on the back-burner for a while it’s worth remembering that in the digital age post still has its place, perhaps now more so than ever – just look at how online sales have rocketed lately!

Here’ a few ideas that you might want to consider as a way to keep your team working effectively if they’re at home, and stoke the interest of those vital customers.

#1:  i-Protect Anti-Bacterial Pen

Yes, you read correctly, an antibacterial pen! Ideal for popping in with a large letter or brochure, the i-Protect Anti-Bacterial Pen is a cutting-edge product based on a stalwart of the promotional products world. Retractable, it’s effective against 99.9% of all harmful bacteria. It kills MRSA, E-Coli C-diff. It has an antibacterial agent in the plastic body making it bactericidal so helps reduce the risk of spreading germs and infections. It’s one of those products that you’d instinctively think you wouldn’t be able to pass ton to people, but you can!



#2: Seedsticks and Gardening Items

‘Tis the season… to get gardening! Who’d have thought that promotional products would have a place in the garden?! Well they do and now is time to capitalise on it – think of all those school kids stuck at home… send some branded seedsticks and packets in the post so they can watch the “fruits” of their labour grow (see what I did there!) – herbs and flowers are also available.



#3: 10ml Pocket Hand Sanitisers

It’s impossible to ignore the need to clean your hands regularly right now. Nobody wants to become unwell but we’ve all got a life to lead and places we need to go. That’s where this handy compact 10ml liquid hand sanitiser spray is perfect. Lightweight and small enough to fit comfortably into any pocket or handbag for a quick spray when out and about. Like promotional pens, these sprays are a very practical giveaway. The rub consists of a 75% alcohol formulation (EN1500 Standard) which is recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO).



#4: Microfiber Cleaning Cloth in Pouch

What, I hear you say, is this? Microfiber is a material that is ever increasing in popularity due to its durability and deposit-less surface. Basically it’s great at keeping things clean – at must at the best of times, especially right now. Microfibre polyester cleaning cloths are great for cleaning glasses, mobile phones, computer screens, and many other smooth surfaces that pick up marks while in use. This particular version comes packed in a pouch with a handy snap-on carabiner for easy carrying. If you received one in the post you wouldn’t be disappointed… now imagine your message being seen everywhere it’s used, a no-brainer for sure!

It’s more important now than ever before to stay connected and promotional products by post may just be the answer to help solve many issues!



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