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Add a splash of colour to your next branding campaign

Written by Ollie Galpin

OK, so there are plenty of products available that come in a variety of colours; I mean there’s everything from keyring torches to t-shirts, from sports bottles to stylish pens – the range is fantastic! The thing is, even with the great range available we’ve always been on the look-out for that real stand-out mug that says, “Whoa, look at me!” …well that’s just changed!

Introducing the Full Colour Universal Travel Mug. Not only does it have a range of 10 popular-coloured lids to choose from, but your logo can be wrapped all the way around the mug in fabulous high definition full colour print. This really is the mug we’ve all been waiting for!



Super-strong and versatile
Only the best mugs stand the test of time. We think the Full Colour Universal Mug is going to be around a very long time. It has this excellent double-wall design so it maintains the temperature of your drink for longer – ideal for handling both your hot and cold beverages (not at the same time!) making it a great all-year-round product. Plus, the 350ml capacity makes it is the perfect partner for the office or on-the-go!



UK manufactured for guaranteed quality
We reckon these mugs are really going to stand out in the UK too. They’re BPA free and top-rack domestic dishwasher safe, even microwave safe making them truly “safe-as-houses” …nice!

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Cover the whole spectrum
Most mugs can be printed front and back or all the way around but they don’t quite cover everything… leaving that little bit to be desired! Nothing wrong with that, but these Full Colour Universal Mugs go the whole hog and cover the outside top-to-bottom in vibrant eye-catching colour for maximum exposure!!

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Put a lid on it!
No, seriously! You’d hate for all the heat to escape straight out the top on those winter days, so they’ve got screw-on lids that won’t “pop-off” when you least expect it. The practical design means they are easy to drink from on-the-move without risk of spilling everywhere. Plus, the lid won’t get sucked-onto the mug as its contents cools because of the little vent at one end – bonus – we all hate it when the lid gets stuck, so you try to prize it open and then it suddenly comes lose and the drink goes everywhere!

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Guaranteed to be noticed
The reusable, durable and eye-catching nature of this mug means it’ll be used for a long time to come – a constant reminder to everyone who sees it every time you sip your drink – advertising at its best!

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