Thursday, 17 April 2014

Printed pens are favourite promotional gifts

There is something nice about receiving a present for a birthday or occasion and the same goes for companies receiving promotional gifts throughout the year. It doesn’t have to be something grand; it can be a small gesture which I guarantee will make all the difference to your business relationship! Promotional products have been described in the past as the ‘keys that unlock the doors’ to future business and this has been proven on many occasions. The great thing about promotional gifts is that they effectively promote your company, help to secure your client base and help retain a strong customer loyalty. There really are no negatives!

If you think about it, if you offer something for free, then a person will immediately take notice. As a double whammy... if it is also something they can use, you are creating a bond and a long lasting relationship with that person. Therefore you could coin promotional products as ‘effective bait’ where marketing and networking is concerned. They are certainly something that can reel customers in but create brand awareness at the same time. There are many promotional products that you can choose from and companies such as offer an extensive range where almost anything can be sourced!

One of the most popular promotional items and gifts are promotional pens. Pens have topped the charts for decades now and it’s no surprise why. Pens are one of the most versatile products on the market. They range in price, size, style, colour and function making them suitable for almost any occasion. They are a fantastic marketing tool because the majority of people have and use them. They can be found almost home, in the office, in shops, at clubs and even in the car! They are a simple reminder of your company...who you are and what you do! They literally become a walking advertisement the minute they are imprinted with your company name and contact details.

Sometimes though there are occasions when you need something a bit special. The low cost mass produced biro just doesn’t cut it. This is where the Parker Vector Roller ball comes into play. This particular pen is great if you are looking for something unique for a particular client. It’s safe to say its reputation speaks volumes, yet its price shouts value for money! This quality pen also comes in a presentation box which makes it even more personable.

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Keep customer loyalty with logo pens

Keeping customers loyal to your brand is a full time job in itself and one of the most valuable assets a company can have. Nothing can make a business more successful than having a queue of clients who keep coming back and making purchases. It says a lot about the company and the quality of their product or service. I think it is worth stating though that product quality alone will not win customer loyalty, there are other accumulating factors that need to be considered. There are certain things that keep people coming back for more and this article will look at a few...

First on the list is customer service. No matter how great your product is, if you don’t offer fantastic customer service, a customer is less inclined to come back in the future. Think about a time in your life when you have gone into a retail store and you have been served by a rude employee. Think about how it made you feel – probably like you didn’t want to give that company anymore of your money! The ‘one size fits all’ approach to customer service is in-effective and will instantly make you lose precious customers. You need to make your customer feel as though they are the only thing that matters in life and that no job is to big or small.

Secondly, you need to make sure that you impress customers the first time you meet them. People make up their minds about things in seconds so first impressions are VITAL. It is important to remember that first impressions only happen once and they cannot be repeated so companies need to get it right! The best time to build solid relationships is to exceed their expectations! Thirdly, you need to anticipate what your customer needs. By this I mean you need to know your customers or your target audience and pre-empt their needs and wants. This way you can build great customer relations.

Finally, as an added extra you could offer a printed promotional product to help keep your company in the forefront of their minds. Online companies such as offer a huge selection of products which can all be personalised and tailored to your company or business event. A great place to start is the promotional pen. Promotional pens offer a variety of advantages. They are a great reminder of your company name and contact details and they are a useful product to the recipient. They are also lightweight so can be sent to clients easily and there is a pen to suit every budget. They literally become a walking advertisement of your company and trust me there are never any negatives.

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Monday, 14 April 2014

Target your audience with the right promotional item

Promotional items are a great way to reach out to your target audience and raise brand awareness. It is important however to pick the correct promotional product and with so many items to choose from, it can become a mammoth task. Even the most successful marketers can get it wrong sometimes and waste valuable time and money. The key to getting it right is to get to know your audience before you choose perfect promotional product.

The first thing you need to do is identify the objective of your marketing campaign. What are you trying to achieve and who are you trying to appeal to. There will be certain products that will suit some people and not others. Is the ‘aim of the game’ to bring in new customers or simply thank existing ones? OR are you organising a trade show event / exhibition and need a mass printed item to give away to remind people of who you are and what you do?

Promotional products come in a variety of forms... printed mugs, umbrellas, branded clothing, cheap gimmicky giveaways and even golf items. It’s safe to say that promotional pens are a great option to choose and are one of our best sellers. Pens are lightweight, used by the masses, low cost, and let’s not forget there is a huge variety to choose from. Pens have come on a lot over the past decade and now you can source a pen of any description with the least amount of fuss! Companies such as will help you find the pen you are looking for, discuss artwork options with you, print it and deliver it to your door within a few days! Easy is an understatement!

The great thing about a printed pen is that it instantly becomes a walking advertisement for your brand. Whether the owner keeps the pen, lends it to a friend or losses it... you can guarantee it will be picked up and used. You know what it’s like when you need to write a reminder and you can’t find a pen – you will use anyone’s and probably stick it in your bag at the end of it without even realising. Then the magic happens! Your brand is taken to a different location and used by another person, spreading your message around the UK – world domination is on the horizon! Another great thing about companies such as is the fact that you can select your pen and create your design online. Whether this is typing your message directly onto the pen or uploading an image. It’s simple, quick and easy and you can see what the final product will look like when printed!

If you want to raise brand awareness and get your name out there – promotional pens are the product for you.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Top 5 promotional pens 2014

If you are in charge of the marketing department this year and you have been tasked with maximising effective brand awareness, then the use of promotional products should be top of your priority list. Promotional products are a great way to get your name out there and to make people take notice of who you are and what you do. There are many advantages to giving away personalised product such as pens, mugs, clothing and bags. Let’s face it people love to get things for free – it creates that feel good factor and will give your company a better reputation where people more likely to buy from you in the future.

Promotional pens have always been best sellers where promotional items are concerned. They are a practical item that can be used by all on a daily basis. They are not offensive and they come in a huge range of sizes, styles and colours, therefore making them the perfect promotional item for your next marketing campaign. With such a selection to choose from, selecting the right one for you can be a challenge. Online companies such as can help you to make the right choice at the same time as offering you thousands to choose from. To help you out a bit, here are the top five promotional pens of 2014 so far this year...

1. Top of the list is the classic supavalue promotional pen. This low cost pen not only provides value for money, it also is top quality and will be appreciated by anyone who receives one. It boasts a stylish opaque frosted finish and is available in a variety of vibrant colours which will most certainly draw attention to your brand. It also has an easy to use twist top so that the pen will not dry out adding to its longevity and of course the advertising of your brand.

2. Second on the list is the Solar Ball Pen from Hotline. This particular pen is great if you are trying to impress a client but you have a strict budget to keep to. It certainly has a high perceived value with its gold or silver trim and professional finish. It also has a clever high quality push mechanism which avoids the need for a lid. This pen looks fantastic when personalised with a company logo!

3. Third on the list is the funky Tri Lighter Highlighter. This particular pen is different to the rest and offers a HUGE print area where your company name, logo and contact details can be displayed clearly for all to see. It’s surprising how many people use a highlighter. They are very practical items in offices, schools and homes. You can guarantee they will be used by the recipient!

4. If you are looking for a special promotional gift for a loyal client then the Parker Vector Roller ball pen should be the obvious choice. It certainly adds a touch of class and prestige to any occasion. This particular pen is a pen for life and it just exhumes quality. It looks so profession when printed with a company logo and is perfectly at home in an executive’s office or at home with the kids. This pen also comes with a stylish presentation box which also adds to the effect. You cannot deny its elegance!

5. The final pen on the list is the new Ice Media promotional pen. It is a pen that will last the journey and will be appreciated when given away. This pen can be dispatched within 24 hours so it is the perfect pen if you are in a hurry! Its frosted exterior makes it stand out in the crowd and its vibrant colour choices draws the eyes of many! It looks great when printed with a company name and logo.

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Top 5 facts about promotional pens

It is a known fact that promotional pens are big business in today’s society and that most companies in the UK would consider using them in their next marketing campaign. Pens provide you with an outlet to advertise your brand effectively and give out your contact details at the same time! They allow your customer (or potential customer) to become a walking advertisement for your product or service and let’s face it, this can only ever be a good thing. So here are a few things to take into account when you are thing about which promotional product to use in your next marketing campaign...

1. The reason why promotional pens are so successful is because they perform an action or a task i.e. you use them on a daily basis to write something down. If they had no purpose, I’m pretty sure they would not be as successful! Just looking pretty isn’t enough nowadays! Usefulness is the primary reason to keep the pen and not disregard it.

2. The average promotional product (including printed pens) is kept for at least 6 months... so in affect that is six months of hassle-free advertising! The great thing about pens is that they last longer than this!

3. It is a known fact that people that have received a free gift such as a promotional pen are more likely to buy from that company then if they have had no correspondence with them at all. People like to receive things for free and it creates that feel good factor and buzz around your brand.

4. They say that almost 90% of those people that receive promotional items can remember the name of a company with more ease; therefore they are proven excellent marketing tools!

5. Investing in promotional products can be tailored to any budget as there is such a variety to choose from. Online companies such as provide a huge selection of pens all at different prices so it doesn’t matter if you are after something special for a loyal customer or a low cost pen for a mass freebie session at a tradeshow! The diversity of pens available is mind blowing!

There really seems to be no negative impact where promotional pens are concern (perhaps only the fact you can’t get them for free in the first place... but that’s the same as anything in life!) On the flip side, if you look into how much promotional pens are, you are looking at as little as 2-5p for the cheapest ones. It crazy to think you are getting a pen, a personalised print and the whole ‘package’ delivered to your... door hassle free. You can’t even buy a few sweets for this amount nowadays!

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Promotional pens generate new business

The key to success in all businesses is to have as many people as possible aware of your company’s products and services. Not only this, the customer needs to know how to contact /find you. There are various ways you can ensure this including the use of promotional items. Many companies nowadays opt for this successful method of brand exposure and it has been proven to work well in most industries. Promotional products come in an array of items including promotional pens, lanyards, printed mugs, personalised T shirts, baseball caps, paper products, printed bags and novelty gifts. The variety is what I suppose makes them so successful and the fact that anyone using any of these products becomes a walking advertisement for your brand. Personalised products can certainly go a long way where promoting your brand is concerned.

Promotional pens are the number one promotional product in the industry and thousands fly off the shelf every week. Pens are so successful because they are so versatile. They can be used for any event or occasion and they are a low cost product with a high perceived value. They are certainly a valuable advertising and marketing tool, which has the potential to attract and appeal to customers you may not have even thought about approaching! No one can deny the impact of a promotional pen. They can be given out at tradeshows and events meaning that people will have a reminder about who you are and what you do after they have left the show. The pen is physically in their hand ready for future reference. The other great thing about promotional pens is that even if they are borrowed, lost or even disregarded, they will always be picked up by someone else and used, enabling your brand to continue its brand awareness campaign! They also seem to last longer than other promotional products as they are robust and strong, they think nothing about being carted around in bags, brief cases, pockets and pencil cases and even behind peoples ears!

Imprinting your company logo and contact details on a pen can leave a long lasting impression on the recipient. They are a subtle reminder about who you are and what you do and they obviously provide the means of contacting your company. Nowadays pens come in all shapes, sizes and colours and let face it there are thousands on the market. You only have to look at companies such as to realise this. Many companies will also send you out samples so you can see the quality you will be getting – which is always a bonus!

For more information or hint and tips about how to use promotional products to generate new business, visit the hotline group. It the place where ideas flourish and become reality!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Top Tradeshow Items 2014

So we are only four months into 2014 and the tradeshows are already thriving around the UK! If you are thinking about going to a tradeshow or exhibition this year, then you will need to know the top tradeshow items that have being flying off the shelf here at! As you are probably well aware, a successful tradeshow is one that is planned meticulously and attracts new customers and business leads. It is a place where you can establish good customer relations, generate sales and network with other contacts in the industry and of course sell your brand which you are passionate about!

It’s a known fact that one of the most important aspects of the tradeshow is the promotional products that you provide. Items such as promotional pens, paper products, lanyards, bags and novelty printed gifts. They are a great way to keep potential customers interested in what you have to offer. There are a few simple guidelines to follow when picking your tradeshow promotional items. You need to make sure you select something that will have an immediate and lasting value, something that corresponds or compliments your product or service and of course something that is within your budget which you can buy bulk of. All of these factors need to be considered because the likelihood is you will have one chance to make a good impression.

The first and most popular product on the list is promotional pens. They come in a range of colours, sizes and styles and they suit almost any theme or occasion. The great thing about pens is the fact that they are used by so many people in hundreds of situations. From a marketing point of view this means that your logo will be visible to a mass audience with the littlest amount of effort. You will even be able to reach out to people you thought you couldn’t! They also leave a long lasting impression because they have a long shelf life! Promotional mugs or travel mugs are another option to think about. They may be a little more expensive in comparison to promotional pens but they certainly create a long lasting impact! The advantage over the promotional pen is that they have a fantastic print area and you can guarantee that the recipient will remember your company long after the tradeshow has been and gone. They also come in a wide variety of styles and prices and there is always one to suit every theme and event.

Finally, last on the list is the classic printed bag - the perfect accessory to any tradeshow or event. If you are going to opt for a tote bag, even better because it can be used after the event has taken place. What better way to advertise your company amongst your rivals then have a potential customer walk around showing it off! Also, let’s not forget, you are creating great brand exposure for your company.

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